You deserve unique shoes like you!

Our Patina technique allows us to hand-paint each piece, ensuring that each piece is unique and exclusive.

Get inspired by your Argento

Exclusive Pieces

Price-quality ratio



We develop an avant-garde approach that fuses the power of technology with traditional artisanal techniques to create unique pieces with an excellent Price/Quality ratio.


Our on-demand model not only saves costs for you, it also better conserves our planet by reducing pollution.


That's how it is! You won't spend a cent. Simply visualize how your new A&B will be the center of attention!

6 months warranty

Buy calmly! We appreciate and value your trust, which is why we offer you a six-month warranty against manufacturing or material defects.


You have the option to request a refund and return the products within a period of 60 days after the purchase, the only condition is that the product has not been used and is in the same condition that you received it.

"Childhood friends and classmates, who received their masters degree in France, and worked for luxury brands
in order to understand the lifestyle thev have been creating for in Argento & Bourbon."

"Argento & Bourbon is recognized because of its exquisite elaboration of men's footwear"

"Argento & Bourbon is a shoe brand diming to apply luxury techniques to the Colombian craftsmanship"

"...Argento & Bourbon, Colombian brand specialized in luxury men's shoes, seeks to deliver a handcrafting experience to their customers."

"In a regular store, maximum 48% of customers come back to rebuy, in Argento & Bourbon's flagship store
over 75% of customers come back"


Once you place your order, we will begin to create each piece with a lot of passion and dedication. Once each product is finished, we will send it directly to you, eliminating excess inventory, intermediaries and reducing exaggerated prices.

We transfer these savings to you, allowing you to receive products with top materials, superior quality and a lot of style. All this, at a fraction of the traditional price. With this model, everyone involved wins!

Our products are handcrafted by our dedicated artisans, who have been trained by expert Italian masters. They have shared their know-how and we have combined it with cutting-edge technology. The result? An unmatched mix of centuries-old wisdom and modern innovation, to create pieces of supreme comfort, durability and incomparable style.