By producing on demand we achieve greater efficiency, there are no excess inventories, there are no logistical costs or intermediaries.

 All of these savings are passed on to the customer and the planet!


We implement an On demand model with which we avoid overproduction. By manufacturing only what is necessary, the reduction in the units produced, together with the optimization of our processes, leads us to reduce energy, water and material consumption by up to 70%.
cousin; In addition, our leathers undergo vegetable tanning and are free of chrome,
just like our paints used in our technique Patina.


Our products are only being made and painted by hand. Each artisan builds our pieces from his legacy and his know-how, impregnating his stamp in each line, stitch and construction of them. Our range of colors and finishing effects allow our clients to express themselves through their Argento, with this we seek to enhance uniqueness.


At Argento we do not follow trends. We create our own versions of classic models, managing to be not only unique, but timeless. We offer more than 1.500 possibilities between references, colors and finishes.